Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here

We need an established TV channel for the

Church that airs across the country.


We need:

  • A TV channel through which various Church media institutions and groups can air their productions
  • A TV channel that will broadcast unified and official content from Church officials
  • A TV channel that will air programs which are distinctly Filipino in content and conveyed in the local language
  • A TV channel which can serve as which can serve as the “go-to channel” of Filipino Catholics across and even outside of the country for Church updates, daily inspiration and spiritual nourishment

We are letting others tell our stories,

and we are being defined by these stories.


The Catholic Church is rich in stories, from inspirational to social action, in both urban and rural areas, and these stories are who WE are:

a Church of sinners, true, but a persistently nurturing and loving Church in spite of this, constantly striving to be the Face and Heart of Jesus in today’s modern world.


Our main duty as Catholics is to become

witnesses to the Good News and to evangelize.


The social communications ministry of the Philippine Church is being left behind.  Even with the advent of social media, television is still the most stable and influential medium in the country, and we are missing out on this means for evangelization.


We have the stories.

We have the heart and passion to proclaim and share these stories.

We just need to be where the people are.